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Dental fillings: a concern for your health? Safety of dental amalgam and alternative dental restoration materials

6. Are some dental filling materials preferable?

    SCENIHR recognizes that dental amalgam, for the general population, is a safe and effective restorative material. It is still valued for its longevity, mechanical performance and economics, and continues to be a popular material for fillings, especially for certain types of restorations in posterior teeth and for the replacement of existing amalgam fillings that are no longer in good condition.

    The opinion of SCENIHR is that for the general population, current scientific evidence does not preclude the use of either amalgam or alternative materials in dental restorative treatment

    The choice of material should be based on patient characteristics, such as primary or permanent teeth, presence of allergies to mercury or to other components of the restorative materials and an eventual decreased renal clearance that affects the elimination of foreign materials from the bloodstream. The size of the defect, the technical circumstances for the restoration and the available funds should also be taken into consideration. As with any other medical or pharmaceutical intervention, caution should be exercised when considering the placement of any dental restorative material in pregnant women.

    As a general principle, dentists should inform their patients about the pros and cons of various options to allow them to make informed decisions.

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