Table 2: Measured effective doses for various security scanners

Study Effective dose per scan
(*) Summary of measured doses quoted in contract reports from the UK Health Protection Agency provided to manufacturers/suppliers.
Radiation Safety Assessment of the AIT84 Personnel Security Screening System. Occupational Services, Inc. USA, 2011 (a dual backscatter scanning system) 35 nSv
Supplier A Transmission unit A 3.8 μSv (*)
Supplier B Transmission unit B 261 nSv(*)
Supplier C Transmission unit C 4.2 μSv(*)
Supplier D Dual mode transmission unit Low dose setting: 90 nSv(*) Medium dose setting: 332 nSv(*)
Supplier E Backscatter unit 19 nSv(*)


Source: SCENIHR, Health effects of security scanners for passenger screening (based on X-ray technology), (2012),
 3.5 Dosimetric aspects, pp.22-27

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Table 1: Tissue weighting factors according to ICRP 103 (ICRP 2007)

Table 2: Measured effective doses for various security scanners

Table 3: Modelled organ equivalent doses from backscatter scanners

Figure 1: A modern backscatter unit showing a passenger being screened.

Figure 2: A modern transmission unit with the side maintenance panel removed.